Valencian peanut

The Valencian peanut

The Valencian peanut is a very particular species. In these article, we review some of these particularities, which we must take into account to grow it in our orchard.

Potato field

Potato season

The modest potato is a tuber of great nutritional value and it should be grown in our garden at least once in a while. Although we would need a big vegetable garden (30 to 50 square metres) in order to meet the needs of a


Artichoke Plant and Artichokes

Especially during winter, the beauty of the artichoke plant, with great clear leaves, brightens and lightens up the garden. If we have enough surface, such a useful plant must be present. We will give it a very sunny


Interview with Antonio Granell

Thank you to Antonio Granell’s work, now we know the cause behind those tasteless tomatoes from the supermarket: the inactivity of the GLK2 gen.


Is there anybody who never cried while chopping onions?

Onions are essential elements to be found in our vegetable gardens. Although it makes you cry when chopping it in the kitchen, it is highly consumed in the region of Valencia either fresh and raw, deep or shallow fried, boiled, grilled or in brine. It can also be stored to be eaten all along the year

Assaig de tipus de cols a la Marjal del Moro

Cabbages for the summer

A Valencian proverb says «Who plants cabbages in July will be able to eat them at anytime». This is the topic of this article, the cabbage family, very important in the Valencian fields and tables.

vegetable garden

Why Have a Vegetable Garden?

Having a vegetable plot or an allotment returns to us an almost forgotten right: the right to grow our own food and to serve up our family’s own home-grown produce.


A return to tradition

Very few activities have been so attached to the development of our society like agriculture has. All along history, the world of agriculture has been an essential piece in the social and economic changes of the region of Valencia. For centuries, our ancestors have selected and used vegetables and animals for their own feeding and for their communities, in a Mediterranean ecosystem, within the laws of ecology, adapting to the environment and modifying it.