Agriculture of the future

Guaranteeing access to food for a growing human population – based on sustainability criteria and in the face of the climate change threat – is the main challenge for twenty-first-century agriculture. The solutions are inevitably complex, require a variety of coordinated measures, and are dependent on the development of technologies.

Red radish

Our red radishes

Enjoy red radishes: we look for some seeds among friends and make room for them in out garden so we can have them almost at any time of the year.

gingebre jardí animat

Tasty rhizomes

The Educational Unit of the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia proposes cultivating ginger and turmeric using the rhizomes we can find at the market.

Sembrar un hort

Planting a vegetable garden at home

If you want to create your own vegetable garden, the Educational Unit of the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia offers some advice on how to start it.


The appeal-to-nature fallacy

This article reviews the basics of EU regulations on organic food production and concludes that, for the most part, they mislead the consumer and are not science based.


Following the thread: the Silk Road in Valencia

Valencia's importance in the old Silk Road has helped the city to become a participant in the UNWTO Silk Road Programme, an initiative that joins territories and research projects from Japan to Portugal. Experts take the opportunity to remember and promote Valencian landscape and historical and artistic heritage.


The importance of seeds

When we keep and sow seeds of those plants we are more satisfied with, we are improving cultivation while pushing for our interests, as our ancestors used to do.


Genetically modified crops 2.0

La controvèrsia sobre els cultius transgènics sorgida als anys noranta s’ha reduït considerablement i decau fins a quasi silenciar-se a la premsa digital espanyola.


Summer courgettes

Courgettes are easy to cultivate in the garden: they are rustic and grow fast, and they only need light and heat. Therefore, we will sow them when the risk of frost has passed.

107a-84 garrofó

Garrofó Beans – Endangered

In our territory garrofons (butter beans) are highly appreciated in the kitchen because it is a basic ingredient in our national dish par excellence –our dearest paella.