The Face of Pain


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Pain, the universal symptom, is the focus of Metòde’s latest issue. The face of pain. Science and ethics of a universal symptom is the title of this autumn’s issue of our popular science Journal, coordinated by Professor Francisco José Morales-Olivas.

«Pain is the most common symptom of human disease and has coexisted with living beings since the beginning of time —Morales-Olivas tells us—. It has been argued that pain is part of our human identity, as not only is it an unpleasant feeling, complex from the neurological viewpoint, but it is accompanied by affective factors that make us wonder about our reason for being. »

In this new monograph, numerous articles review the fundamental aspects of pain from a medical standpoint, as well as taking a conceptual and ethical stance. The topics covered in this monograph of Mètode journal include the right not to suffer pain, the difficulties of assessing symptoms, the effects of chronic pain on daily life or the underestimation of pain by patients and medical workers.

Several specialists and researchers have contributed to the main monographic articles in collaboration with the artists Marusela Granell and Greta Alfaro, who have tried to portray the deepest and most invincible pain.

On the left, Marusela Granell, Hacia el otro lado, 2011, photograph, variable dimensions.
  On the right, Greta Alfaro, Vida 2, 2011, digital collage, 21 x 28 cm.

This autumn’s issue of Mètode also has various articles and reports addressing various scientific issues du jour, such as interviews with science historian Mark Harrison and socio-ecologist Ramon Folch. What is more, there is an interesting article by Paula Casal on the implications of surrogacy or “wombs for hire” as well as a lengthy ethno-botanical document on the maple, among many other articles.

© Mètode 2011.



Metòde’s autumn issue, coordinated by Full Professor of Pharmacology Francisco José Morales-Olivas, addresses pain from an ethical and medical viewpoint.


© Mètode 2011