More than 10,500 weekly hits for Mètode’s website


Mètode‘s website surpassed 10,500 weekly hits last April, following the increasing trend of the previous months. All the articles published in Mètode‘s paper edition are available on the website, as well as online exclusive content such as news reviews and interviews. In addition, two special sections can be also found: «Mètode TV» and «Whys and Wherefores». In «Mètode TV», the protagonists explain the main aspects of their work with their own voice; science and research narrated firsthand and in audiovisual format. «Whys and Wherefores» is a section dedicated to the science in everyday life, and it is open for the public to participate. Everything is available in three different languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.

Users who visited Mètode’s website in April showed interested in a very diverse variety of texts. Some of the highlighted texts include «What Is Scientific about Social Science?», «The size of the genome and the complexity of living beings», «Why do scorpions “commit suicide” when surrounded by fire?» and «Why Are Men Hairier than Women?».

In addition to direct visits to the website, we should also point out arrivals from the Dialnet web portal, which is specialised in providing scientific production, and from Google Scholar, the search engine of reference specialised in scientific papers. We should also mention readers that come to us from social networks, as Mètode‘s website content is weekly issued in newsletters in each of the three languages, as well as posted on Facebook and Twitter (@Metode_eng). Moreover, Mètode‘s online presence has recently expanded with an official profile on Instagram, created along with the publication of our latest yearbook, «The Light of Science».

© Mètode 2015.

© Mètode 2015