Submit your scientific doubts to the «Your whys and wherefores» contest

Five annual subscriptions will be drawn among the participants

As part of the celebration of its 100 issues, the journal Mètode and the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture of the University of Valencia have inaugurated the exhibition «Mètode: 100 números de ciencia» (“Mètode: 100 volumes of science”) in the Cultural Centre La Nau of the University of Valencia. The exhibition offers a tour across the main scientific challenges through the trajectory of the journal of dissemination of the University of Valencia and the content and themes of its publications, one hundred journals in which art has also been a protagonist thanks to the collaboration of artists who have tried to offer their particular perspective on different fields of science: Carmen Calvo, Manuel Boix, Rosa Torres, José Mª Yturralde, Rafael Armengol, Antoni Miró… The covers made by these artists serve as a guiding thread in the exhibition.

«Mètode: 100 números de ciencia» dedicates a special space to Mètode’s whys and wherefores, a section that was born with the creation of the web portal and that puts the readers and the editorial office in contact to solve, with the help of experts, scientific doubts related to the world that surrounds us. Thus, the exhibition offers to the visitors the chance to participate in the contest «Your whys and wherefores» submitting the questions through this app so that the journal can answer them through expert voices in its web page. Five annual subscriptions (only available in Spanish or Catalan) will be drawn among the participants.

The opening of the exhibition took place on Thursday 16 May at 20:00 at the Sala Oberta of the La Nau Cultural Centre, where the exhibition can be visited until 15 September. At 19:00, prior to the opening ceremony, the Aula Magna hosted the conference «El futuro de la producción de alimentos» (“The future of food production”), by Pere Puigdomènech, within the cycle «Los grandes retos de la ciencia» (“The great challenges of science”) organized by Mètode and Escola Europea de Pensament Lluís Vives. The next talk will take place on Wednesday 22 May and will be delivered by Professor Gemma Marfany.

Whys and wherefores to understand the world

«Mètode’s whys and wherefores» is one of the most representative sections of the journal’s website and is dedicated to the science that surrounds us, to that which we encounter in our daily lives and makes us wonder. Through these articles and with the help of researchers and experts in the corresponding fields, the editorial department of Mètode answers the scientific questions sent by the readers of the journal. In this way, scientific explanations have been given for all kinds of realities, from everyday situations such as the reason for crying, to curious phenomena like the alleged suicide of scorpions when they are surrounded by fire.

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