Xiquetes flotant a l'espai

Weightless and gentle

Dare to take on the new challenge proposed by Chantal Ferrer for «Free fall», related to gravity and our perception of weight.



The Eyedropper plays with the idea of the Christmas star and the light that allows us to perceive actual stars.


Next stop, Proxima Centauri

At the moment, a manned mission to Proxima Centauri involves a number of problems and challenges that we are still unable to solve.



Ferran Martin takes a look at artificial satellites orbiting our planet.


Extraterrestrial signals

The year 2020 ended with a potential detection by the Breakthrough Listen project of an artificial signal coming from Proxima Centauri. But there was no indication of structure or modulation in the signal, no evidence that it carried any information.


Lock-down astronomy

The street lights prevent us from gazing at their wonders and phenomena of the night sky.

sound space

Why is there no sound in space?

In space, there is not a medium to transmit sound, so the battles going on in space would not be heard.


Space soap bubbles

This section of Mètode is now twenty years old. To celebrate it, I retrieve a topic I talked about in issue 34: planetary nebulae.

fotograma mart

Stepping on Mars… or not

We seem to be living a sweet moment for manned exploration missions to Mars. There are several projects underway, both by private companies and space agencies, which aim to be the first to put a human being on Mars. Does this mean that we are now going to make the ancient dream of stepping on Mars come true?

still from the martian

Space explorers need to be space farmers

Space exploration will require life support systems, in which plants can provide nutrients, oxygen, moisture, and psychological well-being and eliminate wastes.