Science and policy to combat desertification

Desertification is a global environmental challenge requiring a response validated by both science and politics.

coronavirus black swans

Coronavirus, black swans, and grey rhinos

Although the coronavirus is a microbe, the author uses two animal analogies to explain the sudden and unexpected (or otherwise) appearance of phenomena such as COVID-19, but also other «unexpected» disasters of an economic, social, or political nature.


Challenges and difficulties for a Vice-Principal for Research

Quality research is – and will always be – one of the hallmarks of the University of Valencia. But, in addition, we believe that dissemination and popularisation can help deepen the exchange of wisdom and ideas, which are the basis of the knowledge society.


Women and the future of science

The beginning of science is uncertainty. Many people, however, including scientists, look in science for a system of certainties thus fleeing the unrest that comes hand in hand with questions like how, when, whom and for whom. When it comes to reflect on the relationship

Students of the University of Valencia

The road to real equality

The position held by women in scientific fields has greatly improved in recent years, above all in the last decade with the adoption of gender equality policies. However, although there are ever increasing numbers of women in academia, there is clearly still some way to go.