The work of economists, which is so important, is ascribed to the field of human decisions. These are emotional and, therefore, irreducible to the scientific method.


The future is now: the Internet of things

La internet de les coses es un concepte que es refereix a la interconnexió digital d'objectes quotidians amb Internet i que tindrà nombroses aplicacions.


The theory that never died

Bayes’s rule, a simple eighteenth century theory about assessing knowledge, was controversial during most of the twentieth century.

Nivell de vida


At least in villages,our great-grandparents lived almost as the Romans. To reach their standard of living, it took the whole history of civilized humanity.

Il·lustració smartphones


My thingy (a smartphone) is not smart. Versatile and fast, yes; intelligent, not at all. It controls a lot of routines and no reasoning. That is not intelligence.

Manuel Perea, full Professor of Behevioural Science methodology at the University of Valencia

IPhones to measure users’ reading skills

The new app «Ciència XL» for iPhones allows to measure user's ability to read by means of a very simple mechanism that calculates their reaction to words.

Hedy Lamarr


Above all, Hedy Lamarr was interested in sinking German submarines. She was an actress who, deep down, wanted to be an inventor. And she was.