Twenty years of Interviews


This year, Mètode reaches its 20th year communicating science. In addition, the journal will release issue nº 75 this Autumn. To celebrate these 20 years, «Mètode» retrieves the more remarkable interviews published in the last two decades.

A In the following weeks, we will find some of the best interviews of the journal on Mètode’s website. Some of these interviews were held with very well-known characters from the world of science, such as the entomologist and biologist, Edward O. Wilson, the linguist and philosopher, Noam Chomsky, the semiotics expert, Umberto Eco, or the etologist and theorist of evolution, Richard Dawkins. Interviews with the chemist, George Whitesides, the science historian, Janet Browne, the naturalist and science writer David Attenborough, the paleontologist Niles Eldredge and the Catalan researcher Jaume Josa, will be also available.

In short, a sample of the work published in these 75 issues communicating science.

© Mètode 2012.


«The journal wants to retrieve some of the most remarkable interviews of the last two decades»

© Mètode 2012