Today’s Real Threat

cc_1Irene Yuste

«Climate change is already here amongst us.» «There is no replacement for our planet.» «Climate change is here.» These are all statements that were heard at the conference «The Future of Climate and ours» held in Valencia on November 4, and organized by the Valencia Foundation for Advanced Studies (FVEA) in collaboration with the Valencian Parliament. The event gathered experts from different professional backgrounds, but all of them related to climate change, a problem which is far from being distant and ambiguous and must be seen as a genuine, current and very close threat. Vicente Boluda, the FVEA president, José Luis Rubio, director of the congress, Isabel Bonig, Councillor for Infrastructure, Planning and Environment, Alejandro Font de Mora, President of the Valencian Parliament, and Santiago Grisolia, president of the Valencian Department of Culture, opened an event marked by the conclusions of the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Climate change is unequivocal.



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