The secrets of the human brain exposed


NOU-NUMEROWhy is our brain different from the brain of other animals? In other words, what are the changes in DNA that promote cortical progenitor cells to divide more in some species than in others? Science is insatiable and, despite the difficulties involved in resolving these questions, it tries to shed light on these mysteries. On this, in the new issue of Mètode, «The secrets of the brain».

The coordinators of the monograph are Ester Desfilis, Adjunct Professor of Psychobiology of the Serra Húnter Programme in the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Lleida, and Loreta Medina, Professor of the Serra Húnter Programme of the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Lleida. In addition, both of them are researchers at the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida. The articles provide a closer look at different aspects of the brain, its development and evolution, always from a multidisciplinary approach. Furthermore, we have an interview with Rudolf Nieuwenhuys, Emeritus Professor of Neuroanatomy at he Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, a tireless researcher who – at 88 years old – still remains curious about the great variety of forms the brain of different animals presents. Art will not fall behind in this issue, thanks to the artist Lidó Rico. His powerful work has been carried out in collaboration with neuroscientists, providing enjoyment through this combination between science and art in the pages of the magazine.  

Stevia’s sweetness

In this issue we will also talk about Stevia rebaudiana, its origin, the tabletop sweetener or the future of its legal situation. Another article will delve on the representation of science in the festival of Las Fallas.

Issue 89 of Mètode is completed by two interviews. One with the astronomer Jocelyn Bell, discoverer of pulsars. We talk about star signals, but also about the sexual discrimination that female scientists suffer within her line of work. The other will be with the physicist Carlo Rovelli, professor of the Aix-Marseille University, who thinks that «science emerges from a general effort to understand the world». Book reviews and the usual sections of our collaborators will close the issue.

© Mètode 2016.

© Mètode 2016