The grounds of science

New issue of the yearly journal Mètode Science Studies Journal

Mètode Science Studies Journal publishes its 2019 annual volume with the title The grounds of science. The ninth issue of this English-language publication focuses on the need for better and more extensive communication of biotechnology and its advancements, biodiversity as a dynamic concept, and the relations between machines and humans in the twenty-first century, with three monographs coordinated by experts and researchers of these fields. A collection of articles to analyse, ponder, and debate, and an opportunity to build a better science from its foundations.

As to the cover, Mètode SSJ is honoured to include the Atzucac proposal (2018) by Rebeca Plana. This artist from Albalat de la Ribera has always been seeking for abstract art that would transcend the concept itself, with an accurate and wild use of colour and brushstrokes in order to achieve a powerful expression that breaks all codes ever set.

Mètode Science Studies Journal, which can be fully consulted in open access, is included in different indexes and databases such as Scopus, Google Scholar, ERIH Plus, and Latindex, among others.

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