The Digits of Science. Statistics as Scientific Tool


The symbiosis between statistics and other research fields, such as medicine or particle physics, is the central theme of Mètode‘s latest issue. In this monograph, «The Digits of Science», we find articles that focus on statistics as a part of our daily lives embodied in graphs, tables, percentages, histograms, arithmetic means, modal values, medians or percentiles. But above all, we dig deep into Statistics, with capital S, a part of science that has become a powerful tool for many disciplines. In addition, in this Autumn 2014 monograph there is also an article on Bayes rule, an ​​eighteenth century idea that has become especially important in the twenty first century, and another article on today’s buzzword: big data.

«The Digits of Science» has been coordinated by David Conesa, Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Valencia, and Francisco Montes, Professor of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Valencia. In this monograph we have gathered the talents of  David Rosell, Manuel A. Martínez-Beneito, José D. Bermúdez, Carmen Armero, Sharon McGrayne, Fernando Martínez Vidal, Scott D. Goddard and Valen E. Johnson. An interview with Alan E. Gelfand, Professor of Statistics at Duke University (Durham, USA), rounds off the monograph. The texts are illustrated with Ana Donat’s pictures, where art and technology, culture and nature, creation and destruction, symbols and concepts are combined.

Q fever: real threat or false alarm?

Mètode‘s 83rd issue includes, aside from the sections of our regular contributors, an interview with biochemist and Mariano Barbacid and another with Leonard Parker, discoverer of cosmological particle creation. In the journal we can also find, among others, «Q fever», winner article of the latest edition of the Science Communication Prize Joan Lluís Vives. In this text Joan Tutuasus warns that this zoonosis of the twenty first century, although apparently a false alarm, is an actual threat. 

© Mètode 2014.

© Mètode 2014