Summer Reading: the Bramble and the Pomegranate


We have two recommendations for August, from the last reference published in «Mètode Monographs», Herbari. Viure amb les plantes, a compilation of ethnobotany texts about some of the most common plants in Valencian plant life. The bramble and the pomegranate tree bloom during the summer and that is the reason why we wanted to highlight these two pieces. The bramble, included in the wild plants section, is passionately written by Daniel Climent. The Pomegranate tree, one of the cultivated trees, comes from the hand of Ferran Zurriaga, who displays the knowledge of those who lived their whole life in close contact with their natural environment. Both texts are magnificent examples of the content of Herbari, a concession to the beauty and importance of our plants.


Baroque Bramble
The fertile literature of the most abundant rosacea in our mountains


The Pomegranate Tree

Lost tradition

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