Science is a girl thing… but what kind of girl?

SCIENCE-GIRL-THINGSlogan of the advertising campaign of the European Commission.

A few months ago the European Commission produced a controversial video related the world of science and women, which was entitled Science: It’s a girl thing. Its aim was «to make girls become more interested in science and research» and «show women that science is fun and provides great opportunities». Its images caused great controversy in the Internet, especially among the scientific community. The video —which looked much more like a video clip or a make up advertisement— showed a stereotyped image of women, who were depicted around fashion items and cosmetics. The video was rounded off with an ever present pink atmosphere. A flood of protests immediately sounded. Some videos showed that women scientists’ reality is far from the image shown by the European Commission. Parody was the most common resource used to denounce the first video. The second video added in this page, produced by a group of British women scientists, is an example that tries to ridicule the European campaign.

Our next issue’s monograph deals with the relationship between science and women, and now we encourage you to give your opinion on this matter in the comment area below this article.

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