Pathfinders in Science


Alexander von Humboldt wandered for five years around inhospitable America looking for plants, animals, rocks, rivers, volcanoes and anything quenching his thirst for knowledge. His journeys contributed a lot and encouraged others like Darwin to leave home and look for novelty around the world. These curiosity-fuelled adventures, the scientific journeys, are the basis for the new issue, with the monograph Pathfinders in Science, Scientific Expeditions at the Vanguard of Discovery coordinated by professor Josep Maria Camarasa, biologist and science historian and supervisor of the Carl Faust Foundation.

The new monograph re-examines the most transcendent scientific journeys, from Herodotus along the Mediterranean to the arrival to the Moon and other remarkable examples like Charles Darwin’s voyage around the world or the European discovery of America. These and many others are the focus of contributions by Xurxo Mariño, Xavier Bellés, Albert Masó, Ramon Folch, Antonio González Bueno, Josep Batlló, Raimon Sucarrats Riera and Dolors Llopart. You can also enjoy the usual contributions and sections. In addition, this issue Mètode displays the collaboration with Valencian artist Juan Olivares, who provided his artistic perspective on the experience of science journeys with a set of illustrations based on Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne.

The 115th anniversary of one of the largest natural parks in the world

Besides the monograph, issue 79 of Mètode includes an interview with Josep Maria Llovet, from ICREA (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies), about research on cancer, and a feature by Xavier Duran, science journalist and director of El Medi Ambient in TV3, about the distance separating the Two Cultures of knowledge, science and humanism. Moreover, among the current affairs articles, you can find a piece on the Kruger National Park (KNP), one of the largest natural parks in the world, covering an area of more than two million hectares, who celebrates its 115th anniversary this year.

© Mètode 2013.

© Mètode 2013