Mètode’s Top Five Articles of 2013

2013 draws to an end and we bid it farewell with a compilation of the top five articles on our website. Again this year, rsearchers and communicators have brought science closer to readers who were interested in fields such as neuroscience, zoology, education or the role of women in science.    


Why do Scorpions «Commit Suicide» when Surrounded by Fire?

Beyond such a flashy headline, «Mètode’s Whys and Wherefores» is one of the most successful sections on our website. Readers’ questions are answered by experts on each field, and they are usually very curious and interesting questions for everyone. And with examples like this one, it might be better to write your question and send it to Mètode to get a clear and specific answer instead of experimenting with fires and innocent scorpions. You can send your questions together with a picture to [email protected].


The White Wolf of «Els Ports»

«The most legendary beast in the northern hemisphere», the wolf, is the focus of this research that brings us to the region of the Lower Ebro river during the nineteenth century, when wolves attacks to human were still commonplace. The article rigorously reconstructs the atmosphere and the chronicle of those lethal attacks.


For Everyone Energy, for Everyone Everything

In our music and science section, «Harmony of the Spheres», we find the link between Nikola Tesla’s science and Orxata Sound System’s music. The band from Valencia, with a strong critical and collectivist character, makes one of its claims concerning energy and uses the figure of Tesla as a symbol of free energy and as challenger of the central control of energy.


Interview with Howard Gardner

Psychologist Howard Gardner, Harvard professor, is considered one of the most influential intellectuals in the world, so we should not be surprised that his interview has a place among the five most read articles. Gardner navigates, with psychology as vassel, from neuroscience to education, looking for the tools to develop a teaching that fits our time.

Women and Science

The fifth article in our top five opened issue 76 of the journal (winter 2013), devoted to the role of women in science. The article by Josep Lluís Barona, re-examines the patriarchal system that ruled our society from ancient times.

© Mètode 2013.

© Mètode 2013