‘Mètode’ makes it into ERIH PLUS, a reference publications index


portadaerihMètode Science Studies Journal unlocked another achievement. It has fulfilled the requirements to be included in a prestigious list of international publications. Soon it will be part of the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH PLUS). This database collects magazines and newspapers that have set an example in the humanities and social sciences information area.

Mètode SSJ is a meeting point between science and society. It proudly presents a union between letters and figures, literature and mathematics and, in short, humanities and science, which has ultimately granted it the privilege of joining ERIH PLUS. Quality information focused on the repercussions of scientific matters in the social and day-to-day aspects of life has earned it the right to occupy this position.

 Last year ended with a milestone: the annual Mètode Science Studies Journal was incorporated to the Scopus index. The publication issued by the University of Valencia became part of the most prestigious database of science and investigation contents on an international level. Scopus, published by Elsevier, is a world-famous institution among the scientific community, since it constitutes the most extensive directory of abstracts and bibliographic references of scientific literature. After this milestone, it reached the frontlines of science divulgation and studies, and now the good news continue with ERIH PLUS.

Mètode was born on 1992 with the goal of bringing science and society closer together, and encouraging debates and reflections on scientific news. It created a space to reflect on science in a transversal way. It is a quarterly journal focused on dissemination of scientific matters, although it includes a great diversity of disciplines. That is what makes it a meeting point between sciences and humanities, This diversity is due to the participation of professionals coming from different areas: artists, philosophers, sociologists, historians, journalists and humanists.

The language aspect makes another point in favour of the journal. Even though it started publishing in Catalan, 2010 brought the edition in Spanish and, a year later, it was joined by the yearly publication in English. Thanks to this, the journal has now reached an international scale and has been included in the aforementioned lists, among others.

Mètode SSJ’s academic nature has also favoured its good reputation in the process of joining the databases of these remarkable publications. It holds a close relationship with the University of Valencia, since its publication depends of the institution. Since 1999, Mètode SSJ’s editor-in-chief is Martí Domínguez . He wants to give voice to different researchers and professionals that publish original articles on different areas.

Marta Navarro. Journalism student of the University of Valencia.
© Mètode 2016.

© Mètode 2016

Journalism student at the University of Valencia.