«Mètode Annual Review», is now in English

«Mètode Annual Review», is now in English

Science is Culture. Scientific Knowledge at the Beginning of the 21st Century is the new Mètode Annual Review, which has been published in English for the first time. With this new publication Mètode aims to reach a wider audience with the objective of popularizing science in a rigorous and engaging way.

This Annual Review encompasses the four monographs published by Mètode in 2010: «Nano: Transforming the World with Nanotechnoscience»; «Green Wave: Environmental Communication»; «Human Nature: On the Philosophical Track of Mankind» and «After the Crisis. Science and Economics: The Building Blocks of Our Country’s Reconstruction». In addition to in-depth articles, the monographs include interviews with experts like George Whitesides in the field of nanotechnology, David Attenborough, a pioneer in televised environmental documentaries, the philosopher Edgar Morin and Robin Dunbar, Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford.

Mètode Annual Review has worked with the Valencian artist Joan Cardells, who designed the front cover.


The Annual Review also contains the regular sections, as well as articles on current affairs, like the interview with Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Valencia, Pedro Carrasco, and an interesting article on the results of the Neanderthal Genome Project, written by one of the researchers involved, Carles Lalueza Fox.

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