Living with climate change: The challenge of a new cultural change


«The broad scientific consensus has not left a mark in society. Surveys show that a high percentage of citizens from several countries do not include climate change among their main concerns. They do not even believe that scientists have reached agreement regarding this matter» warns Bienvenido León, professor of science journalism at the University of Navarra and coordinator of Mètode’s latest issue –Living with climate change: The challenge of a new cultural change –with which the University of Valencia journal reaches its 85th issue. Based on the scientific evidence that we are suffering the consequences of climate change, our spring monograph gathers different articles written from the standpoint of sociology, communication, education and economy, which pave the way to a new culture. A culture needed four our adaptation to a different world. «Climate change is here to stay», summarizes Professor Leon.

The main monograph in this issue features articles which, from different perspectives, focus on the differences between scientific and social concepts of climate change, the need to consider education to address the climate challenge, the role of a green tax reform in reducing CO2 emissions, the TV coverage of climate change or the analysis of stances that confront the scientific consensus, like denial or scepticism. James Painter (University of Oxford), Maxwell Boykoff (University of Colorado-Boulder), Paula Casal (Pompeu Fabra University), Pablo Ángel Meira (University of Santiago de Compostela) and Francisco Heras Hernández (CENEAM) have contributed to this monograph.

The issue also includes the collaboration of the Valencian artist Mery Sales, who offers her personal view of the impact of climate change on our society and our planet in her «ecocide» series. Mètode’s new issue also features two in-depth analysis of the relationship between science and literature, and also current affairs articles, like the one Carles Lalueza-Fox devotes to the controversy raised by Nicholas Wade‘s latest book, which brings back to life to the idea of race; or the analytical article on the relationship between the Nobel Prize laureate for Literature Patrick Modiano‘s works and animals.

© Mètode 2015.

© Mètode 2015