Wildfires: a different perspective


Investing in management and protection for our forests is more important than spending milions of euros on measures that seek to alliviate the effects of wildfires. At least this is what Artemi Cerdà, researcher and Geography professor at the University of Valencia, thinks. On the last 7th of November he gave a talk at the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication of the University of Valencia based on the article he wrote for Mètode published issue 70 (When wildfires burn), also available in English, published in our 2012 Annual Review. A completely different perspective on forest fire management.

 Here you can check the article Fire, management and research, written by Artemi Cerdà .

Andrea González Garrigas. Student of Journalism, University of Valencia.
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© Andrea González
Artemi Cerdà with Mètode’s issue nº 70.

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