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¿What is science? A question with multiple answers that Mètode  journal wanted to lay on the table to celebrate its 85 issues in a debate that will take place at the Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC) next Wednesday, 20 May at 18:30h.

Martí Domínguez (Mètode‘s editor-in-chief), Pere Estupinyà (scientific author), Ramon Folch (socioecologist), Esteban Morcillo (Rector of the University of Valencia), Joandomènec Ros (director of the IEC) and Jorge Wagensberg (physicist) will participate in the debate. It will be broadcasted through the Internet.

Mètode journal thus picks up the debate opened in issue 85, which was dedicated to the question of What is science?, which had the collaboration of researchers and thinkers like Elliott Sober, Patricia Fara, Jean Bricmont, Susanna Priest, Pedro Ruiz-Castell or Jorge Wagensberg.

In its recently published issue 85, Living with climate change, Mètode focuses on another central problem for current science, with an analysis of the social, cultural and economic aspects of this environmental challenge.


Mètode, published by the University of Valencia and edited by the biologist and journalist Martí Domínguez, was created in 1992 and from then on has kept its compromise with the communication of science through its quarterly edition and its website.

Moreover, without leaving this objective aside, since 2013 the magazine has started a new stage with the publication of articles revised by experts, which are collected yearly in the Annual Review Mètode Science Studies Journal, and the creation of a scientific committee of international renown with the support of researchers and scientists like Janet Browne (Harvard University), Leah Ceccarelli (Washington University), Danniel C. Dennett (Tufts University), Dominique Brossard (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Thomas Glick (Boston University), Martin Rees (University of Cambridge) or Michael Ruse (Florida State University).

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  METODE84catDebate: What is science?
Wednesday, 20 May
18:30 h.
Sala Prat de la Riba. Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC)
C/ del Carme, 47 – Barcelona
© Mètode 2015