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© Miguel LorenzoSpain has had some serious problems with wildfires in 2012 and that is why we find that articles that dealt with this topic were some of the most read all along the year. This picture belongs to After the Fire, an article published in Mètode’s 70th issue. 

2012 is about to end and the time
has come for Mètode to review these twelve months. After another year communicating science and getting it closer to society, we have made a list with the five most read articles in our website. Botany, astronomy, chemistry or zoology are some of the topics that have been more appealing to our readership in 2012. All of these articles have been written by researchers and science writers who wanted to share their scientific knowledge, and, according to the results found, they have achieved their goal.

Why do men have nipples?, Mètode’s Whys and Wherefores. By Pau Carazo.
The zoologist Pau Carazo tries to explain the presence of man nipples using the theory of evolution. Nipples are developed in the first stages of embryonic development in both males and females. However, men still have nipples in spite of their uselessness, because they don’t pose a threat to the survival of out species.

The story of “Oxygen”, by Carl Djerassi.
Some sciences like medicine or physics have been portrayed in films or plays. Professor Carls Djerassi thinks that chemistry is an outcast in show business. That is why, together with Roald Hoffmann, he wrote the theatre play Oxygen, which has been translated into more than 16 languages and was published by Mètode. 

After the Fire, by Daniel Moya and Jorge de las Heras.
After a forest fire, the immediate negative impact is all too plain to see. We ask ourselves whether natural populations, abiotic properties and the economy and society in the affected area will recover over time. This question comes up after each wildfire but to answer it is complex.
Interview with Noam Chomsky, by Carme Pastor Gradolí
                 Carme Pastor Gradolí talked about science, politics and communication. The thinker also reflects on his country’s situation and its relationship with the rest of the world.

A reader asked about the behaviour she observed in some beetles. The expert Sergio Montagud answered her question about these insects’ sexual behaviour

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