Issue 65 (2010): Nano
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Hugo Martínez-Tormo.
, 2010. Digital technique, 21×28 cm.

Víctor Puntes. Cobalt, 2009. Digital photograph, UltraScan Gatan camera, 50×70 cm. Hugo Martínez-Tormo. Nanopaper, 2010. Digital creation, 21×28 cm. Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau. Nano Territory, 2007. Mixed media, variable dimensions.
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José Luis Prieto Marín. Scrambled Egg and Mushrooms, 2009. Photography. Image awarded a prize at the 7th edition of the National Scientific Photography Contest (FOTCIENCIA) held by FECYT and CSIC. Anne Niemetz and Andrew Pelling. Composition, 2009. Digital collage, 30×22,5 cm. Paul Thomas and Kevin Raxworthy. Nanoessence, 2009. Video capture, variable dimensions.
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Leader of the OpenSystems group, focused on art and the participation of the public as fundamental elements of science. Researcher at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics and the UBICS (University of Barcelona Institute of Complex Systems, Spain).