Sacyr Award for Innovation

Mètode won the fourth edition of the Sacyr Awards for Innovation. Among a hundred candidates, the jury of the competition chose Mètode as the winner in the category of Economic and Technological Journalism with the monograph The Strength of the World: Energy in the Post-Industrial Age.

Published in Issue 73 (Spring 2012) and coordinated by socioecologist Ramon Folch, The Strength of the World analyses the main problems and challenges we face in the future, such as the strong dependence on fossil fuels or the advances in renewable energy. With the collaboration of several experts in the energy field, the monograph reflects on the current energy model and the model we need.

The Sacyr Awards for Innovation «aim to encourage and publicly reward those who, individually or collectively, research and work on projects, developments and innovative, creative and pioneering ideas, ambitions raised such as overcoming challenges and knowledge», Sacyr explains.



This award adds to other ones won by Mètode in the past, in recognition to its work in science communication.

Manuel Castillo Award 2009

The Manuel Castillo Award, given by Patronat Sud-Nord from the University of Valencia, seeks to honour journalistic as well as research works dealing with peace and international co-operation. The judges recognised Mètode’s contribution to the research on the scientific exile occurred after the Spanish Civil War and on its consequences within the international scientific co-operation field. The monograph, Ciència i exili. La diàspora dels científics republicans (Science and exile. The republican scientists Diaspora), was co-ordinated by Joan Lloret, paediatrician and professor of History of Science and Documentation at the University of Valencia. Manuel Castillo himself (1870-1964), professor at the University of Valencia, had to exile first to France, and later on, to Mexico because of the Spanish Civil War.




First edition prize of the Manuel Castillo Awards.


On the 14th of November of 2009, Mètode was a awarded with the Jury’s Special Prisma Award 2009 in the ceremony of the Prismas Casa de las Ciencias y la Divulgación, celebrated at the plenary hall of A Coruña’s city hall. The award, which is annually granted to people or institutionsthat stand out in the field of popular science, intends to recognise Mètode’s «constant effort for a quality science writing» as well as the «involvement of a university in the popularisation of science». Other winners in previous editions were «Futuro» a El País supplement, the Granada Science Park or «Tercer Milenio», the Heraldo de Aragón scientific supplement.

The Jury’s Special Prisma Award is added to the different prizes Mètode has been awarded with in the latest years, among which the 2006 Ciencia en Acción (Science in Action) award for popularisation of science and the 2007 APPEC award for best publication or the 2007 Premio Nacional de Periodismo (Spanish National Journalism award) to Martí Domínguez, for his work as Mètode’s editor in chief, stand out.




Jury’s Special Prisma prize is given to people or institutions prominent for their work on the popularisation of science.

Serra d’Or  award 2009

On the 2nd of April of 2009, Els nostres naturalistes, a monograph published by Mètode, was awarded with the prestigious Premio Crítica Serra d’Or for research. These awards recognise the most outstanding publications of the previous year.


The Serra d’Or journal celebrated its 50 years of publication in 2009.

APPEC award 2007

Mètode was awarded by the Periodic Publications in Catalan Association (APPEC) with the 2007 APPEC award for Best Publication in its 9th edition (2008).

The judges said of Mètode that «aiming to be a bridge between science and society and to fill the gap there is of popular science publications in Catalan, has become one of the best European journals on science and thought».

The APPEC is a non-profit organisation that groups together Catalan journal publishers. In the association there is a total of 11 publishing houses that publish 141 publications.




Mètode‘s 2007 APPEC award for Best Publication.

Premi Nacional de Periodisme 2007

Martí Domínguez, Mètode’s editor-in-chief, received the Premi Nacional de Cultura (National Culture Award) in the Journalism category, awarded by the Culture and Mass media department of the Catalan regional government. This award recognises his work as editor-in-chief of the journal of the University of Valencia, «which is known throughout Europe for the quality of its science and thought contents».

The judges point out Mètode’s «work for the popularisation of science, which has made it to be one of the best scientific journals in Europe». Along these lines, the judges also pointed out that Mètode «has consolidated as the only popular science journal in Catalan».

The National Culture Awards were set up by the regional government of Catalonia in 1982, taking up the awarding of these prizes that were given between 1932 and 1938. These awards are yearly given to people or organisations whose contribution or activities in their respective fields have been relevant in the previous year.


 Premi Nacional de Periodisme 2007 for Martí Domínguez. The prize was designed by Jordà Farré.

EDC Natura award

Proposed by many environment and nature specialists, the International Symposium on Nature and Photography awarded the EDC Natura award to Mètode for Popularising Nature in March of 2007.

The award recognised and pointed out the research work carried out by this journal, which publishes popular science articles that contribute to the knowledge of the different species and its conservation.


Ciencia en Acción award 2006

Mètode won the first prize of the 7th edition of the Ciencia en Acción (Science in Action) contest in the Popular Science Works section. The prize-giving ceremony was held at the CosmoCaixa museum (Alcobendas, Madrid) in October 2006 and gathered more than eighty different works distributed in eleven categories. Mètode participated with nine popular science writings dealing with different topics.



The “Ciencia en Acción” programme is an initiative of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, the Spanish Royal Society for Physics and the Spanish Royal Society for Mathematics aiming at bridging science and society.

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