consulta sobre comunciació científica

Citizen consultations on science communication

We analyse the international CONCISE project that studies, through public consultations on science communication, the way in which society is involved in citizen science, a discipline that is becoming more and more widespread.


Exploring radiation measurement after Fukushima

In the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, citizens used various radiation measurement instruments. This article explores how the study of these devices can contribute to the understanding of citizen science.


Citizen science projects

Citizen science generates bidirectional communication, leading to an improvement in the scientific literacy of the people involved.


New knowledge environments

Citizen science is in a process of consolidation, with a wide variety of practices and perspectives. Social sciences and humanities occupy a small space despite the obvious social dimension of citizen science. In this sense, citizen social science can enrich the concept of citizen science

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Introduction: Citizen Science

In the past decade, scientific research that relies on the collaboration of citizens has grown exponentially.