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The term Xylolithic is completely new. I am sure about it, because I just made it up. It means “made of wood and stone” (from Greek ξυλον [xýlon], “wood”, and λίθος [litos], “stone”).

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[caption id="attachment_44023" align="alignleft" width="320"] Illustration: Anna Sanchis[/caption] When we were little, we knew the following by heart: A metre is the distance between two lines marked on a bar of platinum and iridium kept in the Museum of Weights and Measures of Paris.» And we added:


In Sarlat, the Perigord city with a splendid medieval centre, there is a sheltered market inside a desacrilised church. The reform was supervised by the architect Jean Nouvel, born in Fumèl, a nearby town. A quote from Jean Baudrillard can be read over the immense nave door: «Architecture is a mixture of nostalgia and extreme anticipation».