Apart from the air carnation, are there any other plants living in such extreme conditions?

Question asked by MARÍA JOSÉ ESTAY OSSES. We speak with JESÚS RIERA: The answer is yes. The air carnation belongs to the genus Tillandsia. Most plants from this genus can live on top of others without actually touching the ground. This type of plants are called

Plantes enfiladisses: carabassera

The mystery of movement in plants

Darwin carried out the first systematized study on the movement of climbing plants. Thanks to molecular analysis we have now begun to understand the genetic bases of circumnutation movement.

Hivernacle Down

Darwin’s Garden

Charles Darwin has been, without doubt, one of the most transcendental scientists of all times. Nevertheless, some researchers have objected that his work is based more on the collection of data taken from other sources than fruit of his own research.