Benestar animal. Photo: Suzanne Tucker

Animal welfare

Open call for papers on the animal welfare from a from a scientific, philosophical, sociological and legal point of view. Deadline for submission: 4 June 2024.


A primatological perspective on human cultural origins

When did cumulative culture evolve in our lineage? This paper discusses how the field of experimental primate archaeology has contributed to this question by describing several stone-tool experiments conducted with great apes.


Hunting roles in chimpanzees?

What are the hunting roles in chimpanzees? The available evidence suggests that they are capable of coordination between individuals, but it is unclear whether they can also share a common strategy.

Comunicación en investigación con animales

Transparency is key

The lack of information from institutions and organisations regarding the use of animals in scientific research produces a specialised communication niche which non-scientific groups have exploited to make public opinion sympathetic to them.