Moriaki Yasuhara

Associate professor in the School of Biological Sciences and the Swire Institute of Marine Science at the University of Hong Kong (China). He has broad interests in marine palaeoecology and macroecology, especially those using highly resolved micropalaeontological records. His recent research has focused on the spatiotemporal dynamics of large-scale biodiversity patterns, the climatic and temperature impacts on species diversity, and the controlling factor(s) of biodiversity patterns/change in shallow-marine, deep sea and pelagic ecosystems. He is also interested in microfossil-based conservation palaeobiology as well as palaeontology of the Ostracoda in general.

marine biodiversity

Biodiversity has been changing both in space and time. But, luckily, we have remains of ancient organisms, called fossils. These are basically the only direct records of past biodiversity.