Elisa García-Prósper
PhD in Archaeology from the University of Valencia, university expert in forensic anthropology at the Complutense University of Madrid, and researcher for Grupo Paleolab®, a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the bioanthropological study of archaeological human remains, the forensic anthropology of human rights, and science communication (Spain). Mail: [email protected]

The Roman necropolis in Carrer Quart in Valencia (Spain) is the city’s oldest known cemetery. Based on its archaeological and bioanthropological analysis, we examine various hitherto unknown issues: funerary practices, social stratification, paleodemography, quality of life, and the impact of disease, food, and the subsistence economy.
science and historical memory Alex Frances

This monograph offers a multidisciplinary overview of a diverse historical memory, analysed from different but complementary scientific perspectives, where history, archaeology, physical anthropology, forensic medicine, criminalistics, and genetics, among other sciences, intertwine to shed light and evidential value based on the biological vestiges of the past.