Carles Dolç
Senior architect, specialising in urban planning. As a town planner he has focused on the study of issues such as urban ecology, historical centres, and urban growth. As an architecture professional, and sharing authorship and study with Neus Sanfèlix, he has done numerous works of rehabilitation and restoration of residential buildings in the historical centre of Valencia. They have also designed cultural spaces, such as the Chirivella-Soriano Art Foundation, located in the Joan Valeriola palace, and the Octubre Contemporary Culture Centre, and have drawn up plans for mobility in historic centres and redevelopment interventions, such as that of Plaza del Carme in Valencia. As an activist, he has collaborated over the years with several citizen platforms, among which Salvem el Botànic stands out, with him as one of the founding members.
nature in the city

Integrating nature into the city is still a pending matter: the presence of trees in our urban environment still has much room for improvement.