Antonio Rosas

Director of the palaeoanthropology group at the Spanish National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC). He is responsible for the anthropological study of Neanderthals in El Sidrón, Asturias (Spain), participated in the Neanderthal Genome Project, and is the author of several books including Los primeros homininos. Paleontología humana (CSIC-Catarata, 2015), and Los neandertales (CSIC-Catarata, 2010). He has published more than a hundred papers in international scientific journals.

La evolución

Human palaeontology in Spain has experienced extraordinary growth in recent decades. In this work we investigate the influence that the book La evolución (1966) and its editors, Miquel Crusafont, Bermudo Meléndez, and Emiliano Aguirre, exerted on this explosion.