Is the Universe Old or Young?

Question submitted by FRANCESC AGUILAR I DOMENJÓ (Grau de Castelló). MANEL PERUCHO answers: The latest Background Microwave Radiation observations and type Ia cosmological supernovae indicate that the Universe has a flat geometry and its expansion is accelerating. This fact, which seems unrelated to the question, is


The Cosmos Soundtrack

Foto: Arthur CaravanFragment of the cover of Atles enharmònic (self-produced, 2011), Arthur Caravan's album that includes a song inspired by Pythagoras. Music has accompanied humanity throughout history, however, it is not exclusive to humans. We know it exists in the animal


Music to share with the stars

You probably remember Steven Spielberg's 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind in which, in a memorable final scene, humans communicate with aliens with music, specially with that well known "D E C C G" melody that would be later hummed by everyone.