Animal colourations and the patterns they generate provide some of the best examples of evolution by natural selection. One of the most studied aspects has been camouflage.

colourblind vision

Why do colourblind people see colours differently?

Colourblind people see colours differently because they do not have all the necessary information from the L, M and S cones. A simile would be to try to obtain different paint colours by mixing only two primary colours: we would never be able to obtain the full range of existing colours.

color iris ojos

Why do some people have different colour irises or an iris section of a different colour?

María Violeta Gómez Vicente, PhD in biochemistry and professor at the Department of Optics, Pharmacology, and Anatomy of the University of Alacant writes about the phenomenon of heterochromia.


Why do wet materials become darker?

When a material gets wet, we see it with a darker colour. Professor Inmaculada Pascual Villalobos explains why.

mar blava

Why is the sea blue?

When a large quantity of water is observed, as happens in the sea, we notice a blue color that can vary depending on the mass of water we are observing. Do you know why?