José Tuells: «Vaccines save three million lives every year»

Director of the Balmis Vaccinology Chair of the University of Alacant

From 24 to 30 April, we celebrate the European Vaccination Week, a WHO initiative to promote immunisation. So we talked to José Tuells, the director of the Balmis Vaccinology Chair of the University of Alacant. He gave us a revealing take on what vaccines are, how many types exist and their effect. We also talked to him about the risks of vaccinations: are they real or a myth? We asked him about the antivaccination movements as well. We also reflected on the role that mass media play in the matter and the importance of vaccinations policies that have greater impact and help generating trust. Finally, Tuells talks about “social vaccinology”, a term that includes the importance of communicating well about vaccines, knowing what people think of them and establishing strategies to minimize rejection.

[English subtitles are available for the video.]