«El Jardí Animat», a book to enjoy plants

Mètode TV talks to Maria José Carrau, Pepa Rey and Olga Ibáñez about the new volume of «Mètode Monographs».

Thanks to a close collaboration between Mètode and the Education Unit of the Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia, we published, at the beginning of the year, «El Jardí Animat. Propostes didàctiques per a gaudir de les plantes». It is a collection of activities among the ones published in the section of the journal. Their goal is to help us to discover and enjoy plants with activities for children and adults that can be carried out in the classroom, with your family or friends. In Mètode TV we talked to Maria José Carrau (Head of the Education Unit), Pepa Rey and Olga Ibáñez (technicians of the Education Unit) about the new volume of «Mètode Monographs».

[English subtitles are available for the video.]