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DECRESIM, molecular magnetism and the advance of quantum computing

DECRESIM is a project funded by the European Research Council. Its objective is to advance the use of magnetic molecules to understand some quantum phenomena better. This excellent group of the University of Valencia wants to research the laws of the microscopic world, generally unknown,

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«The Measure of All Minds», by José Hernández Orallo

What is intelligence? In «The Measure of All Minds», José Hernández-Orallo ponders upon how we should measure human, animal, and artificial intelligence. The book tries to create connections between the evaluation of artificial intelligence, very primary at the moment, and the extensive tradition of evaluation

Interview with Francisco Mojica

We speak with Mojica about the circumstances of his discovery, the following investigations, and present and future applications. We also ask him about the controversy regarding patents, and also how he is experiencing this recognition and attention towards his work.

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Mètode TV: Interview with a Manuel Costa

Manuel Costa, Full Professor of Botany at the University of Valencia, talks about Alfred Russel Wallace. The year 2013 has been declared the year of Wallace. On the occasion of this commemoration, the University organised a series of conferences entitled «Geography of Life». [Interview in Spanish]