Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney and the importance of vaccines

Gene Tierney was infected with rubella by a fan while she was pregnant. This story reminds us about the dangers of COVID-19 and the need to be vaccinated, even if we do not belong to a risk group.


Herd immunity

Ferran Martin's scientific cartoon talks about «herd immunity».



Ferran Martin's scientific cartoon talks about «Protection».

side effects

Side effects

Ferran Martin's scientific cartoon talks about «side effects».

vacunació infantil

Why is there no plan at the moment to vaccinate children against COVID-19?

Maria Garcés-Sánchez, specialist in paediatrics and researcher in the Vaccines Area at FISABIO, explains why vaccinating children against COVID-19 is not a priority at the moment.

coronavirus vaccine

Can we still catch and spread COVID-19 even if we are vaccinated?

The vaccine protects us against severe forms of COVID-19, but does it prevent us from catching it or infecting others?


The end of doubt

As the debate on vaccines grows, people with doubts will dissipate them and take a stand for or against them.


Vaccines against COVID-19

Vaccine development takes a long time, often more than fifteen years. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has accelerated the process in record time. This race has only just begun and there is much to be learned in the near future.

fear virus contagion

Fear and virus

An epidemic like the one we have unfortunately experienced can bring out people's worst fears. Cinema and literature have successfully used fear to write scripts in which an epidemic is the heart of the story or the underlying excuse.

Maurice Hilleman

Maurice Hilleman and oblivion

Maurice Hilleman is probably the scientist who has prevented the highest number of deaths and illnesses from infection in the history of medicine. He and his team obtained or improved more than 25 vaccines against viruses and bacteria.