Chemistry for a more sustainable world

Issue 121 of Mètode looks at the role of chemistry in contributing to a more sustainable future by improving production processes and recovering and reusing materials.

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Introduction: Everything is chemistry

Learning to transform matter – whether by cooking food or turning minerals into materials for making tools – has been key to the development of human societies. Everything we are and do is in some way chemistry. In the Age of Enlightenment, with the lucid

Metode 114

Mètode looks at the interconnections of One Health in its new issue

The One Health concept is based on the idea that the well-being of animals, people, and ecosystems is intimately linked.

green energy

Green energy

This week, the European Commission has declared nuclear energy to be "green energy", together with gas.


Rewilding Patagonia

Pere Estupinyà narrates his journey into Patagonia, where the Rewilding foundation develops conservation projects.

Folch Futur


[caption id="attachment_119749" align="alignleft" width="500"] Illustration: Anna Sanchis[/caption] The past shapes the future but does not inspire it. Max Planck said that new scientific truths are not imposed by convincing old experts, but by captivating new generations. Improved bad concepts do not become good, but simply more


Sustainable tourism, a utopian idea?

Tourism-oriented animal abuse, geared towards the search for snapshots of «wild» animals, has increased in recent years.


Citizen science projects

Citizen science generates bidirectional communication, leading to an improvement in the scientific literacy of the people involved.

illustration threat coronavirus global pandemic

Global pandemic: more questions than answers

At the time of publication of this issue, we are incredulously, insecurely, and helplessly witnessing a situation only comparable to that experienced in both twentieth-century World Wars. A global pandemic, which has once again placed the human species before a scenario that is as unprecedented and unknown as it is unpredictable.

covid crisis climate emergency

The arrival of COVID-19 in a context of climate emergency

Losing sight of climate change in the media could run the risk of strengthening the consensus for a narrative in favour of economic growth that leaves environmental issues in the background.