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Otherworldly seas

One of the current hotspots in astrobiology is the search for water in exoplanets. We all seem to share the idea that water is essential for the existence of life, and even the assumption that water and life are almost synonymous.

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The Solar System highway

The Lagrange points are regions of gravitational balance in the surroundings of two stars in which it is possible to leave a ship and keep it there with very little effort. The most intuitive of these points, the L1, is between the two stars and

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Looking for the origin of life in cosmochemistry

Les condrites carbonàcies són meteorits que contenen carboni. Provenen d’asteroides primitius i són les úniques que, a hores d’ara, han aportat mostres d’evolució química per a les anàlisis en laboratori. Els estudis han revelat que existia una abundant química orgànica en el sistema solar abans del començament de la vida terrestre. Amb l’arribada de meteorits i cometes, aquests processos podrien haver impulsat l’origen de la bioquímica del nostre planeta.