Jane Godall

Introduction: Science through stories

This monograph provides new points of view on the role of stories in shaping scientific thought, and on the way in which this resource communicates science.


Boosting vaccination

Communication research can reinforce vaccination uptake, a key public health tool, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Re-imagining One Health

This article proposes an effort to make the most of the potential of social sciences and thus reimagine the concept of One Health.

Public Understanding of Science

Public engagement as rhetoric, persuasion as practice

Some scholars nowadays use «public engagement» as an umbrella term for old and new forms of interaction between science and publics.


More haste, less speed

The pandemic has led to science being broadcast live, but scientific knowledge advances little by little, constantly self-correcting.

volcanic eruption


The informative coverage of La Palma's volcanic eruption viewed by Ferran Martin and its Eyedropper.

consulta sobre comunciació científica

Citizen consultations on science communication

We analyse the international CONCISE project that studies, through public consultations on science communication, the way in which society is involved in citizen science, a discipline that is becoming more and more widespread.


Mètode receives the National Research Awards in the scientific communication category

The award recognises its trajectory, sustained content quality, and resilience.

citizen science

Citizen science enters the scene in the new Mètode monograph

Volume 108 of the journal explores the role of citizen science and the construction of scientific knowledge.

covid 19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines: remain cautious

On 9 November, Pfizer announced in a press release that their COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows 90 % efficacy. We analyse the situation with the voice of several experts.