Sex and design in our evolutionary cousins

Throughout evolution, sexually reproducing animals have used the process of beauty recognition to maximise their attractiveness to the opposite sex.



Science never ceases to show us fresh glances at new universes (literal or figurative), and Ferran Martín's The eyedropper takes a look at them as well.


Infinite pleasure

Associating feelings of pleasure with dopamine us a common mistake. The process involves many other elements. Humans permanently seek pleasure and the continuous generation of expectations, surprise, and desire.

Empatia avis


A recent study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B suggests that emotional empathy may be a key component of grandmaternal responses to their grandchildren.

Neural puzzle


Our brain's neural puzzle, in Ferran Martín's new cartoon.


Why do children learn more effectively than adults?

Everything we learn is stored in the brain with connections between neurons, which we call «neural plasticity». It is most pronounced in childhood and gradually decreases with age.


Preventive treatment against disasters

Stories prepare our minds for what is to come. Dreams are a sort of training process for the development and consolidation of neural architecture.

neuroscience education

Can neuroscience be applied to education?

Can the application of neuroscience to education be studied while maintaining every aspect of the scientific method used in neuroscience? Or, even more simply, can neuroscience be applied to education?


A simple footprint

What kind of sign is a rhinoceros footprint? It is an index, an iconic representation, and can become a symbolic image. A whole world condensed into a single footprint.

Cinema amb olors

Will we someday have cinema with smells?

A principis del segle XX, va començar a sorgir la idea d’un «cinema amb olors». Malgrat els nombrosos intents de portar els olors a les pel·lícules, aquests no van acabar de funcionar  perquè la mida de les sales provocava que les olors es perderen o no donaren efecte al moment desitjat.