Neural puzzle


Our brain's neural puzzle, in Ferran Martín's new cartoon.


Why do children learn more effectively than adults?

Everything we learn is stored in the brain with connections between neurons, which we call «neural plasticity». It is most pronounced in childhood and gradually decreases with age.


Preventive treatment against disasters

Stories prepare our minds for what is to come. Dreams are a sort of training process for the development and consolidation of neural architecture.

neuroscience education

Can neuroscience be applied to education?

Can the application of neuroscience to education be studied while maintaining every aspect of the scientific method used in neuroscience? Or, even more simply, can neuroscience be applied to education?


A simple footprint

What kind of sign is a rhinoceros footprint? It is an index, an iconic representation, and can become a symbolic image. A whole world condensed into a single footprint.

Cinema amb olors

Will we someday have cinema with smells?

A principis del segle XX, va començar a sorgir la idea d’un «cinema amb olors». Malgrat els nombrosos intents de portar els olors a les pel·lícules, aquests no van acabar de funcionar  perquè la mida de les sales provocava que les olors es perderen o no donaren efecte al moment desitjat.


Neurons: more is not better

For a correct functioning of the brain, it is essential that the number of neurons is the appropriate one: neither more nor less.


¿The unbreakable illusion? Neuroscience and free will

Mr. Smith is an exemplary citizen: a caring father, a loving husband and a respected doctor, always eager to help fellow humans.

Photo: Concha Molina

The scam of pseudoscience, under Mètode’s magnifying glass

«Pseudosciences are by-products of the prestige of science as a social enterprise and as a means of obtaining knowledge. Their character is inherently negative, given that, by definition, a pseudoscience is an intellectual fraud». Thus begins monograph 95 of Mètode, coordinated by Angelo Fasce.


Unravelling science

Mètode Science Studies Journal publishes the 2017 annual review, under the title Unravelling science. The seventh issue of this English language publication focuses on the secrets of neuroscience, the connection between science and ideology, science from a gender perspective, and twenty-first century astrophysics and cosmology,