Valenciolenda fadaforesta

The underground world, a source of biodiversity

The description of the «Valencian wood fairy» or Valenciolenda fadaforesta (Hoch & Sendra), a new species and genus, was recently published.



The number of species catalogued as fluorescent increases each day, and UV lights can help us to find some that are only active during the night, generating a wide range of creative resources to photograph them.


Decoding smells

Using an external flash placed above the snake, accompanied by a high shutter speed, allowed me to freeze one of those chemosensory licks that the snake used to try to decipher its surroundings.


The baobab’s silence

Baobabs have to face the loss of habitats due to agriculture, water scarcity, disease, and the disappearance of seed disseminators.

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Nature’s Image

Nature photographers capture landscapes and animals or plant species for posterity, which subsequent generations may otherwise be unable to see. This article reviews the origins of nature photography.