Retrat de Théodore Géricault, autor de la sèrie de les monomanies.

In search of Théodore Géricault’s lost monomanias

Dr. Georget commissioned Théodore Géricault to produce a series of ten portraits of alienated people suffering from monomania. By 2021, only five had been located, but since then three more have been identified. There are still two more to be found, so the mystery continues...


More biodiversity to improve our health

Contact with nature generates measurable benefits for people’s psychological and physiological health.


The mental health we want

The world of mental illness is rife with enemies, so the Valencian Regional Government is developing a citizen convention on mental health.

medical staff coronavirus response

The communicative response to the coronavirus crisis

In addition to protective isolation, enhanced medical capacity, safer sociality and health oriented economic stimulus, we will need to turn our hearts, hands, and minds to reweaving and strengthening the complex and vital social web.


Divan couches and gurus

As a set of pseudoscientific ideas, clinical pseudopsychology has a peculiar characteristic: it has established an entire tradition parallel to psychology, with numerous branches and interrelated theoretical and practical developments.


Virginia Woolf

A critical review of Woolf's literary legacy allows us to get closer to what might be one of the most intense literary portrayals of illness and its metaphors and, at the same time, to the representations, euphemisms, silences, and monsters depicted in the chapters of her life and in the unique voice of this essential author.


Interview with Rafael Tabarés

Entrevista a Rafael Tabarés, catedràtic de Psiquiatria a la Universitat de València i investigador en salut mental.