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Why are there no flies during the winter?

The emergence of human dwellings and constructions, including stables, of course, provided an excellent opportunity for the survival of flies during the winter. Joaquín Baixeras explains.

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Flies and carnivorous plants, a new relationship

A team of researchers of the University of Alacant, together with German and Brazilian scientists, have discovered a new interaction between insects and plants. They are fly larvae which can survive in a carnivorous plant and feed from its prey. This is what we know as «cleptoparasitism». According to

Can plants have cancer?

The answer to this is yes. Plants can reproduce errors in the growth of some cells, which would cause the formation of cell masses or tumours that could be considered cancers.

Why do only female mosquitoes bite?
Why do only female mosquitoes bite?

CARLES MARTÍN CANTARINO answers: The answer may be simple, and pretty sure many people already know it: only female mosquitoes bite because they need blood, not for food, but to produce eggs. In fact, a mosquito, male or female, can live quite well without biting, just

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Why Are Ants Capable of Carrying Much More than Their Own Weight?

Question sent by CRISTÓBAL HERRERO (Màlaga). SERGIO MONTAGUD answers: This is a very interesting question. However, in spite of how fascinating its answer may be, I think this question brings about another two— Does this statement affect all ants? Are only ants capable of carrying more than