Ull mirant fixament

The cooperative eye

Eye contact can be used to establish and strengthen emotional bonds, but depending on the socio-cultural context, looking directly into another person's eyes can be very intimidating.


Science: The genesis of ideas

Science: The genesis of ideas is the title of 2023's Metode Science Studies Journal volume, born from curiosity for the world around us and the need to keep asking new questions.

Social life: A natural history of societies

The origin of human societies under analysis in Mètode

What is the role of cooperation in our evolution? Why do we have social norms? How did cities come into existence? How has civilisation been shaped by the way we feed ourselves? These and others are the questions answered in the new issue of the journal Mètode, «Vida social».


Mobility and sedentariness

Much of the archaeological evidence left by humans shows the strategies they adopted in terms of mobility, the structure of exchange networks, and the evidence of their inhabiting an environment that they quickly learned to manage and appropriate.


Social evolution

To talk about life is to talk about cooperation. In a world dominated by Darwinian competition, how has cooperation come to play such an important role?


Assembled life: A natural history of societies

Building on the evolutionary basis of cooperation, this monograph looks at human social structures, from the most ancient and simple to the most complex of modern societies.


Dancing together: brains in sync

When we are having a conversation, walking together, or simply sitting next to someone else, our postures and movements are coordinated.