colourblind vision

Why do colourblind people see colours differently?

Colourblind people see colours differently because they do not have all the necessary information from the L, M and S cones. A simile would be to try to obtain different paint colours by mixing only two primary colours: we would never be able to obtain the full range of existing colours.


Why do our eyes turn red?

There are numerous causes for eye redness, and many of them are not serious. Begoña Domenech Amigot, professor of the Department of Optics, Pharmacology, and Anatomy of the University of Alacant, explains.

persones metro estadística medicina

Symptoms, signs and statistics

Experimental determination or detection of the physiological mechanisms underlying disease is by and large a highly complex task. This fact has turned epidemiology into the main tool for generating knowledge in the medical field.

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Cows, Vaccines and Vaccinations

According to the dictionary, vaccination is the administration of vaccines prepared with microbes (attenuated or dead), or parts of microbes, for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes. Vaccines provide specific and active immunity against certain future or recent infections. Vaccination has been a major contribution to health,