Metode 110 - canvi climàtic

“Mètode” analyses the environmental, social, and economic impacts of climate change

The new volume of Metode is coordinated by María José Sanz and Sérgio Henrique Faria and focuses on the many dimensions of climate change.

covid-19 and climate change

COVID-19 and climate change

The paper reviews the impact that COVID-19 has had on the ambitions of countries to meet the Paris Accord of reducing emissions to keep global temperature increases to below 2 ºC in this century.


Citizenship and social transformation

Climate change has been at the centre of the environmental debate for three decades. The fight needs an innovative approach based on citizen politics and social transformation.


Climate change

Due to the climate change, seasonal differences in temperatures have become wider, and extreme weather events are becoming  more common.


Too many bears and penguins

Sara Moreno, Tatiana Pina and Martí Domínguez have shown the over-representation of iconic animals of climate change.


The hat

The hat connect with our complacency in the face of global biodiversity loss and habitat fragmentation.

canvi global i oceans

The impact of global change on the ocean, the new Mètode issue

Issue 107 of Mètode, coordinated by Carles Pedrós-Alió, Josep Maria Gasol, and Rafel Simó, focuses on the impact of human activities on the sea.

espècies bioactives

Saving the pharmacy of the sea

Vulnerable species with bioactive potential must be protected because they are a potential source of molecules with pharmacological properties.

toxic microalgae

Toxic microalgae and global change

The impact of climate change and human interventions in the Mediterranean have led to microalgae blooms.


Invisible pollution

Urban waste generates pollution that cannot be seen with the naked eye but has negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems, which are particularly vulnerable to it.